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    Hey everyone! I made it!

    Leo Phoenix

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    Hey everyone! I made it!

    Post by Leo Phoenix on Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:10 pm

    Wow...isn't this stunning! SUPER work everyone!!

    You all are awesome!

    I will post a more thorough intro letter in the coming days.
    I just wanted to login and see how things looked ...

    farao king cyclops LoL

    ~ E.L

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    Re: Hey everyone! I made it!

    Post by Admin on Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:30 pm

    Hi there Leo and welcome. As you can see we just have opened our Forum from today. Soon you will meet more people here and it will become interactive. Thank you for joining us.

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    Re: Hey everyone! I made it!

    Post by 4967 on Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:38 pm

    Woohoo now this party is getting started.
    I look forward to your thorough introduction letter.

    We are all Awesome pirat
    Leo Phoenix

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    Re: Hey everyone! I made it!

    Post by Leo Phoenix on Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:23 pm

    You guys are all quite awesome indeed. Wink
    It is good to be here.
    Leo Phoenix

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    Re: Hey everyone! I made it!

    Post by Leo Phoenix on Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:41 pm

    I would like to thank everyone for their support and kind words.
    I radiate my gratitude all over the planet.

    I cannot begin to thank all of those who have been a part of my life, a part of the journey that led me to where I am today. I really did not know what this was leading up to.

    If I were to explain how I see life unfolding, it is no different than a series of dominoes falling; the flow of the dominoes however can be altered.

    8 months ago, I would not have even imagined I was writing this letter. It was in my dreams to do this, but not ‘precisely’ as the path has been leading to this moment. In my mind’s eye, I was creating a computer game, one that would bring clear concise clarity on a progressive level. Not all answers were correct, or incorrect, but regardless, it would be progressive; it would educate, bring wisdom, intelligence, peace and happiness. To actually give back ‘real money’ to those who proceeded to higher levels or stages. It was also my intent to divide money and proceeds of the earnings of the game to legitimate charitable organizations and scholarship money and funds to younger participants. I have no interest in profit. I like nice things, but I don’t see abundance in material items. It was my desire to live more comfortably than I do, as anyone else would hope for; none one of greed, but spreading the knowledge, peace and the wealth that comes with accomplishment. To just ‘randomly’ give away products to areas of the world where classrooms are not funded, or don’t even exist. That _was_ my dream. It still is, but by the forces of nature that have guided me to this moment; I will create ‘this game’; this ‘delivery system’ with words, rather than a graphical user interface. Perhaps some wonderful programmers, scientists and artist will work together with me to develop this ‘delivery system’ as I called it.

    I am only one person, one individual; or at least so I believed. Don’t believe everything you tell yourself.

    I am not able to be able to write this letter of accomplish without the collective mind of experts in the various fields of wisdom and knowledge. I can only proceed so quickly on my own. I have a personal life and personal responsibilities as does anyone else. I am dedicating as much time as humanly possible to work on this project – To bring peace on planet Earth.

    I do not have all of the necessary tools to work faster. Even if I did have ‘more tools’ I can only integrate them into my operating environment so quickly and understand how the controls work. I analogize what I am doing on my end as flying a plane; a ship. I do not know where all of the buttons are yet; I will in due time. I will not crash the ship. LoL

    I have worked with a number of advanced computer configurations and have no trouble assembling them into my workspace. This is not required learning for me. My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20 in 1983. I can always thank my Father for supporting my ambitions.

    I have had the privilege of dealing with people and companies who put faith in me to build large scale enterprise corporate level computers. Not everyone can embrace this technology – this is a lesson I intend to write on in due time. Bigger, better faster is not in the best interest of ‘everyone’. If your first car is going to be a luxury sports car, you will lose control of it very fast. My experience as a computer Bulletin Board System Operator in the days of dial up modems before the Internet was publicly available was also part of my skills and learning experience. It was a very small version of Facebook more or less, but not as ‘pretty’ but the same ideas; small computers connected through phone lines sending and receiving packets of data and posting them into various forums. The control keys on these pages are new to me, I have not run a Facebook page before, or a Discussion Group but I will learn to, and adapt to their functions. I have worked in a Global Network Control Center which I was able to learn to control the flow of traffic to certain areas and establish why an outage occurred be it an ATM machine that went offline, or the power, perhaps the circuit. I know how to organize data and will do my best to make everything I can discover and make available easy to locate. This will all take time. Please be patient with me.

    I will not be able to respond to every question or comment. I cannot possible like and comment on each of your posts, even possibly look to see what they say. I am with you all in heart, mind and soul... These will be very very busy times for me personally. I will kindly ask that people do not send photos to my email. If you want to tag me in a photo, you are welcome to. Imagine alarm clocks ringing all over your house as you try to sit and work quietly; it is very much the same. I do not have the bandwidth to accept large images. Even small ones slow down my workflow. If you have an image that you want to tag me in, that is fine. It will be appreciated and accepted. If large emails do flow into my email box, I will have to stop that flow of traffic and only allow mails from people within my friends list. I would love to friend everyone, but honestly, I just cannot keep up with everyone and everything. I will do my work with the best precision and grace that I can find deep within me. I will not be able to respond to individual questions or concerns. There is just too much at stake to work on one single issue. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

    I will write and organize the information I provide in such a way that everyone can follow along.

    Many are asking what I am going through, what I experience.

    If I was to explain ‘how I feel’ or ‘how I am’ to everyone, it is very much like the movie Phenomenon as well as K-PAX. I don’t have _every_ answer on my own immediately, but I seem to be able to absorb the intent of The Universes, the words I read and the videos that I watch, if I have hands on instructors my comprehension level accelerates further. Not only do these movies shed light on how I feel, but they also offer wonderful messages. They helped to make me understand what I felt throughout my life; that it was leading to more, something with a higher purpose than just going to work, paying the people who are employing me and getting ready to go to work again. The Lightworkers of the Worlds will likely be able to relate to the experiences in these movies further.

    I know anyone can do this. But we the teachers need to teach people to how to learn, how to pace themselves, embrace them (both students and teachers); both to really put effort forth and shine bright. Each and every one of us is unique. A ‘typical’ classroom environment is not effective.

    I do not believe I am ‘better’ than anyone else. Please do not get this impression; I am very quiet and humble. We are all one, no better, no worse. Many are just not in this state of awareness or even aware there is such a state of being at this time. This was a process that I didn’t even understand until recently. It was painful; I felt sick, confused, alone and even worse. I have cried a number of times for days in misunderstanding, now I cry tears of joy for what I now understand.

    One cannot just ‘know’ _everything_ instantly, or accomplish anything instantly. Your brain needs to adapt to the new information, if you feed it well, it will happen faster, but it takes time and effort. No effort, no gain. I have time, I have _made time_ and I have to train just like going to the gym. I do this by way of meditation (prayer) and in the foods and vitamins that I bring into my body, and what I allow into my free flowing light. Humanity is evolving, right here right now. I am evolving, rapidly.

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all of my friends and family for their support.
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all of the teachers and scholars for their efforts to make this world a healthier cleaner place to live.
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all of the Schools, Universities, Libraries and Orders from around the world that have opened their doors, libraries and works to me. I will use them for the greater good. Of that, I can assure you.
    I would love to address each and every friend that I grew up with; the times we played sports, tag on the playground… I never forgot a moment of it.
    I would like to single out one particular individual – Jim D. You know who you are. You were one of the greatest elevators I have met in my lifetime. You taught me how to embrace the ‘small’, the weak. How to train, you taught me how to take care of my mind and body; your lessons have never been forgotten. Tuna and chick peas Brother LoL
    I would like to single out a few individuals – Jon T; for memorising me with his electronic wizardry and of course the time he spent showing me how it worked. Dana B; for his wealth of knowledge and all of the time and effort he spent with me to help me better understand my operating environment. Joe B; for seeing the spark of light in me. Roger L for showing me how to fly the plane.
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all of the companies and people who have made me feel small, weak and unwelcome over the years. You have helped fuel this fire of passion in my heart, mind and soul to help elevate the frequency of this planet. I do sincerely appreciate it.
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all of the people in my life now who are helping me to elevate myself to places I did not know existed.
    I would like to ask forgiveness of any soul who believes I hurt them intentionally or otherwise. I was awkward; maybe I still am a little. I can’t describe it any more clearly than that. I am sorry if I ever hurt anyone.
    Imagine Earth as a human body; a giant communications array.
    It has veins just as we all do.
    It requires nutrients just as we all do.
    It requires care, feeding and understanding and love, just as we all do.
    It wants nothing in return for the riches it gives us.
    If we tap into her riches and continue to keep taking, we are taking her blood – her life force – her light.
    If we are unhappy, she feels it, it makes her sad and depressed.
    If we meditate, pray sing and be happy; it raises her vibration and makes her happy.
    It requires more than just vibration and prayer to keep her alive.
    Her skin gets irritated it becomes itchy, we feed that by feelings of anger and violence; her skin breaks further, causing it to bleed, and become diseased.
    It continues to bleed, infection occurs and disease spreads.
    As it scabs over, she scratches at it as it becomes itchy and scars.
    Nature – waters, the trees, the animals and the insects are bringing blood back to her.
    We are destroying these creatures with our toxic use of chemicals, even by crushing them.
    We are killing the nutrients that are feeding her.

    We are doing this in the name of a piece of paper with a pretty picture on it.
    If we bring weapons to her surface, it causes panic and fear.
    This fear spreads, very quickly.
    People speak ill words of one another for no particular reason but because they have been taught not to embrace people who are different.
    If we bring ourselves to these fires – to the area of infection, we are fueling the military presence in these areas of the world. By bringing yourself there, you are adding logs to the fire, keeping it lit.
    If you step back away from those fires, they will go out.
    Military presence does not stay where it doesn’t need to be.
    It really doesn’t need to be anywhere, but that will come light in time.
    We all have free will.
    I cannot ‘will you’ to not go with your bodies and cameras to these events.
    I can suggest that by stepping back away from the fires and military presence, that peace can be achieved through verbal communication; through wisdom; understanding; acceptance; acknowledgement and unconditional love.
    If there are no targets, there are no causalities.
    While this unfolds, I would strongly suggest that you try to find some peace of mind within yourselves; your neighbours; your families; friends and pets… embrace nature.
    Write a letter, draw something, play a game that doesn’t involve violence.

    Forget about your worries, your fears, forget about money.
    Forget about what has upset you in the past, it is the past.
    Open your heart and mind to leave it there.
    If you keep the past that hurt you close; it will only continue to hurt you in the now.

    Please follow along the lessons, our positive vibration will have tremendous effect on Earth and its unlimited number of resources and connections.
    We will all raise the vibration of the planet in the name of peace and prosperity.
    Happiness and joy are much more contagious than sorrow and despair.
    Please like our link, share our page and keep on shining. You are not alone. Help is on its way.
    Kindness; it’s free. Spread THAT everywhere.

    The Knowing – A Global Community for Peace on Earth
    ~Erik Lalonde 09-05-2014

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    Re: Hey everyone! I made it!

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